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CETA February 2017

CETA – what it means for Ireland, EU and Canada


ICBA Business Summit
22nd October 2016


Garrett Monaghan, ICBA Chair speaking at the
Business Summit
in Iveagh House
with panellists
Minister Charlie Flanagan,
Ambassador Jim Kelly and former Quebec Premier,
Jean Charest


ICBA Annual Lecture
1st March 2016


Julie Sinnamon, CEO,
Enterprise Ireland
addressing ICBA


Mayor of Montreal visits Dublin
29th April 2016


Mayor Coderre of Montreal with ICBA Chair, Garrett Monaghan, Ambassador Vickers and
RBC Managing Director, Padraig Kenny


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Irish Ambassador to Canada Ray BassettDr. Ray Bassett, Ambassador of Ireland to Canada

It is my great pleasure to express my support for the work of the Ireland Canada Business Association in developing relationships between Irish and Canadian business people and promoting trade and investment between our two countries.  In my role at the Embassy of Ireland in Canada, I can see first-hand the strength and depth of the links that exist between the Irish and Canadian people, and the great potential that there is to enhance our trade relationship even further.

I regard the ICBA as an important body in that regard. It is a pro-active organisation, which brings considerable strength and expertise to the promotion of economic links between Ireland and Canada. I witnessed this at first hand when the ICBA organised a promotional visit to Canada last March which included business meetings in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. 

Canada has provided a warm welcome and a new homeland to many thousands of Irish people throughout our shared history, extending back to the 17th century, and it continues to be a popular destination for young Irish people today.  I was delighted with the decision of the Canadian authorities to expand the International Experience Canada working holiday programme this year, to allow up to 5,000 young Irish citizens the opportunity to live and work in Canada for a period of up to two years.  Equally, it is encouraging to note that several hundred Canadian students are enrolled in higher education in Ireland and are enjoying all that student life in our cities has to offer.  Cultural and academic exchanges such as these are key to building the personal relationships and business networks that will benefit both of our countries in the future.

Today, bilateral trade between Ireland and Canada is growing steadily.  Canada receives almost 25% of Ireland’s foreign direct investment abroad, while Ireland is the fifth largest recipient of Canadian investment.  Shared values and work practices, together with a number of bilateral agreements in areas such as research and development, make Irish and Canadian companies natural partners.  The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) currently being negotiated between the European Union and Canada has the potential to further open access to our markets to one another, and to facilitate freer movement of workers between our shores.  This is an exciting time in relations between our two countries.

I wish the ICBA every success with their initiatives.  The work they are doing in promoting business links between Ireland and Canada is very valuable is sure to be of great benefit to all involved.


Canadian Ambassador in IrelandPatron of Ireland Canada Business Association
Loyola W. Hearn, Ambassador to the Embassy of Canada in Ireland

On behalf of the Embassy of Canada in Ireland and as the Patron of the Ireland Canada Business Association (ICBA), I am pleased to welcome you to this website.

Relations between Ireland and Canada have always been close - with approximately four million Canadians claiming Irish ancestry.  I come from Newfoundland where 50% of the population claim Irish ancestry and where in my own home area, practically everyone is of Irish descent. While family ties form the basis of these relations, shared values and interests between our two countries have further strengthened the Canada-Ireland relationship, particularly in meeting the challenges of domestic and global governance. There is a growing dialogue, increased cooperation and sharing of "best practices" in areas such as education, parliamentary reform, healthcare, and in other social and economic policies.

Trade between the two countries is constantly growing, complemented by an increasing number of bilateral research and development initiatives, investment projects and joint ventures.  A Blue Skies air agreement signed between Ireland and Canada in April 2007 now allows Canadian and Irish air carriers to provide services between any city in Canada and Ireland. We must take greater advantage of this opportunity.

The Embassy of Canada views the ICBA as an important ally, particularly as it strives to promote Canada as a globally competitive location and partner for investment, innovation and value-added production.  Irish companies who are looking for a key entry point into the North America Free Trade Agreement market will find Canadian cities to be among the most cost competitive production locations in the world, while Canadian firms looking for a springboard into Europe, the Middle East and Africa will also find key advantages in Ireland. 

If you are interested in further exploring this commercial relationship with one of the strongest economies in the world, I would encourage you to contact the Canadian Embassy, which has a team of dedicated Trade Commissioners that can assist you, as well as the ICBA which can expose you to a valuable network of professionals who have experience in doing business with Canada.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to wish the Ireland Canada Business Association every success as it endeavours to carry out an ambitious program of activities this year.