How Canadian and US companies can successfully do business in Ireland

17 June 2020

As a North American company, what is the key to successfully starting and growing operations in Ireland? Our guest on this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection is Kevin Elliott, Senior Vice President at Bank of Ireland Corporate and Treasury. In his current role, and previously with the IDA, Kevin has helped many companies from Canada and the US to establish operations and grow in Ireland. 

In this podcast, we tap into his extensive experience in this area and talk about:

+The most common questions that Canadian and US companies ask about Ireland when they’re thinking about setting up a base in the EU

+What are Ireland’s key selling points – but also what are the things the country needs to improve about the business environment

+Why COVID-19 is making more Canadian and US companies look at Ireland as an EU base 

+The key differences between Canadian and US companies when it comes to doing business, building relationships, and talking about their success. 

+What are the most important things about doing business in Canada and the US that Irish companies need to be aware of in order to successfully do business there. 

+The most exciting emerging businesses that Kevin is seeing right now 

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