The Ireland Canada Business Association is the leading business association that has the mandate of promoting and developing trade and industrial links between Ireland and Canada. Our members are a select group of international businesses ranging from small to large, startups to established institutions. The ICBA has the active participation of Ireland and Canada’s most prominent business leaders as its core supporters and influencers and will offer a valuable platform to your organisation.

When we meet with our member companies, we ask them what matters most to their businesses. In this way, they lead how the association is run ensuring we are a network run by our members and for our members.

We convene networking events to allow our members connect and deliver business communications and advocacy. Through our events we help members grow and sustain their relationships, influence and businesses. We celebrate our members successes together at high calibre events. We champion our members’ ideas, and interests and we are proud to be in the private sector and serving the public interest.

ICBA  creates opportunities to put Irish and Canadian business people in touch.  The ICBA regularly hosts social functions in conjunction with business activities to provide a venue for closer liaison between members. Many activities are hosted in conjunction with the Canadian Embassy.

The ICBA offers the following benefits:

  • Membership of the ICBA allows you access key players within the Canadian public and private sectors. Resources are available which can be leveraged by members who wish to expand their client base in Canada.
  • The ICBA can help members gain access to key players in Irish industry and Irish public policy networks. Members have close alliances with opinion leaders and key media figures and can identify opportunities for Canadian companies entering the Irish market.
  • The ICBA provides a networking platform, organizing regular  events which are well attended by the Irish business community.

Membership of the Association is drawn from a very wide range of companies – manufacturers, importers, exporters, state agencies, financial service companies, business advisers, tourist organisations, etc.

All  members can benefit from networking with other members. The events that are organised by the Association are an excellent forum for meeting other business people with an interest in promoting commerce (trade, investment or partnerships) between the two countries.

With strong support from the Canadian Embassy in Ireland, the ICBA is also strengthening its links to sister organizations in Canada – i.e. The Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce, Chapters in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary.

Membership Options

There are three categories of membership:

Advisory Council Membership:

Advisory Council Membership Fee: €2500.00

As an Advisory Council Member of the ICBA your company is listed in our newsletter and on our website. Your company is also given first option of sponsorship of a number of key events while patron membership allows you to attend special events particularly visiting trade delegations. You may invite your clients to all our events.

Download Advisory Council / Corporate Membership Application Form

Corporate Membership:

Annual Corporate Membership Fee: €600.00

Download Advisory Council / Corporate Membership Application Form

Overseas Membership:

Annual Overseas Membership Fee: €300.00
This is for companies based overseas who do not have an office or employees in Ireland.

To apply for Overseas Membership:
Download Overseas Membership Application Form