ICBA Newsletter – December 2020

A Welcome Message from ICBA Chairperson, Chris Collenette


Minister Eamon Ryan publicly backs CETA Trade Deal

Eamon Ryan backs CETA

On Dec 15th Eamon Ryan, Environment Minister and Leader of the Green Party, publicly gave his full support to the CETA trade deal and committed to trying to convince all Green party members to also give it their backing.

The Minister has not always been a supporter of the deal, and he outlined three specific developments that led him to change his mind. Those three changes, along with the ICBA's reaction to his comments, are outlined here.

Eamonn McKee becomes Irish Ambassador to Canada

Ambassador Eamonn McKee

Eamonn McKee has become Ireland’s new Ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and The Bahamas, replacing former Ambassador, Jim Kelly. He previously held ambassadorial positions in Seoul and Israel and has spent the last 5 years as Director General of the Trade division at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador McKee is also an avid reader of history and indeed loves writing about the subject too, which gives him a very interesting perspective on some of the biggest challenges that the world is facing right now.

Ambassador McKee recently joined us as special guest on the The Ireland Canada Connection podcast series.

He spoke about:

·       His priorities for his new role of Ambassador to Canada
·       The importance of national brands and how to grow them
·       Why Ireland thrives in a free-trade global environment
·       How business is all about relationships and personal connections, and why this makes organisations like the Ireland Canada Business Association so important
·       The new wave of Irish emigrants making Canada their home
·       How an understanding of the past can help us make better decision in the present


Goldy Hyder on The Ireland Canada Connection podcast series

Goldy Hyder on the power of businesses and governments working together to deliver for citizens.

Our guest on the latest episode of The Ireland Canada Connection podcast series is Goldy Hyder of the Business Council of Canada. (LISTEN HERE)

The Council represents the chief executives and heads of 150 leading Canadian businesses, employing 1.7 million Canadians and composed of every major industry across the country.

Goldy Hyder, it's President and CEO, has a fascinating track record in business, public policy, and in the not for profit sector. He has such informed and passionate opinions about effective leadership, business strategy and global trade. In this interview Mr Hyder and Patrick Haughey talk about:

•     His ties to Ireland, his trip to Dublin in 2019, and why the keynote speech he gave then is as relevant today as it was then
•     Driving the competitiveness of Canadian businesses
•     Why trade is the solution to an impending global recession
•     How Eastern countries have managed Covid-19 more effectively than those in the West
•     His hope for what the new US Presidency might achieve for global trade and relations
•     Why CETA has been a boost for businesses and why Ireland must ratify the agreement
•     The leadership mindset and policy-making in times of crisis

ICBA pre-budget submission calls for action on Trade, Sustainability, Connectivity, and Sustainability

Ireland and Canada enjoy an incredibly strong economic, political, and historical relationship. The number of jobs provided by Canadian companies in Ireland has grown by 25% since 2018 to over 15,000.  The number of new Canadian companies expanding into Ireland has more than doubled since Brexit was passed and now stands at 75 operational companies. For the past three years, Ireland has enjoyed a trading surplus with Canada of over €1.2 billion with over 6000 Irish companies exporting to Canada. The ICBA is uniquely placed to point to the supports and initiatives required to underpin this successful relationship and ensure that it continues to grow and thrive.

In this context, the ICBA pre-budget Submission: Budget 2021 comprised four key pillars (Trade, Sustainability, Connectivity, and Housing) and centered around supporting Ireland’s post-Covid recovery and future growth. Visit the ICBA website to read the submission. 

The Ireland Canada Connection Podcast - Listen & Subscribe!

ICBA in the News

Letter to the Editor signed by ICBA Members

Thanks to all of the ICBA members who signed their name to the ICBA Letter to the Editor published recently in the Irish Times. The letter stressed the urgency of the ratification of CETA by the Irish government, particularly at a time when trade is being diminished as a result of Brexit and Covid-19. The letter has been extremely well-received and can be read in full by clicking the below image or HERE.

Irish Times Letter to the Editor ICBA Members

Minister Eamon Ryan CETA Remarks

Coverage of ICBA's most recent press release welcoming Minister Eamon Ryan's comments supporting CETA.

Eamon Ryan CETA


What's Happening in Canada?

Vaccine rollout

Canada begins a rollout of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine this week, just days after becoming one of the first countries to approve the treatment. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously said the country will receive 249,000 initial doses of the vaccine this month.

Canada pre-ordered 20 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine when it was still in development, with an option for 56 million additional doses. The vaccine - which proved to be 95% effective in late-stage clinical trials - is administered in two doses, 21 days apart. Speaking to national broadcaster CBC, Dany Fortin - who is in charge of the vaccine distribution - said "the delivery schedule is unfolding exactly as planned."

Uptick in survival skills training during pandemic in Canada

While some of us took up new hobbies like growing veg or learning a language during lockdown, others went a bit further and learned how to live off the grid and survival in the wild.

Chuck Wrathall, a survivalist and photographer from Cape Breton, has seen membership of his group go from 300 pre-pandemic to over 1500 today.

"Bushcraft has exploded. People love the wilderness skills. They want to know how to survive, how to forage, how to go out and hunt and gather," he said. "Plus they want to know how to be self-reliant so that could mean off the grid or being self-sufficient, having solar or having water collection."

His group isn't the only one to see an increase in its members lately. Facebook groups like Canadian Prepper, Canada Emergency Preppers, and Preppers & Survivalists of Canada have also seen an uptick since the start of the pandemic.

RIP Ron Irwin

Ron Irwin was Canadian Ambassador to Ireland 1998-2001. In 1975, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada. He died on December 5, 2020 at the age of 84.

Prime Minister Trudeau said in a statement that Mr Irwin “will be remembered as a visionary leader. Mr. Irwin was invested into the Order of Canada, a recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal, and received the Sault Ste. Marie's Medal of Merit for his exceptional public service career spanning over 35 years.”

(Credit: Suzanne Drisdelle of the Canadian Embassy for contributing to these stories)

What's Happening in Ireland?

Ireland launches Covid 19 vaccine programme

The Irish government this week announced details of the National Covid-19 Vaccination Programme. Under the plan, up to 14 million doses of the vaccine could be purchased and it will be available to people free of charge.

First to get it are adults over the age of 65 who are residents of long-term care facilities and frontline healthcare workers in direct patient contact roles, including vaccinators. Those aged 70 and older will be next, starting with over 85s IBM and software giant Salesforce have been tasked with creating a new IT system to manage the entire programme.

Irish economy to bounce back strongly

Ireland’s economy will be among the best-performing in the western world this year with GDP growth of 0.8 per cent, before accelerating to export-driven growth of 5.3 per cent in 2021. That’s according to Ibec, the association representing over 70% of employers in Ireland.

In its latest quarterly report Ibec predicts that the economy will “recover lost momentum rapidly” over the next year or two as coronavirus vaccines are quickly rolled out and an expected last-minute trade deal with the UK reduces the negative impact of Brexit. Ireland’s strength in key high-performing exports sectors such as pharmaceuticals and IT services will play a central role in this rapid recovery.

Mary McAleese delivers lecture to mark launch of ICUF's D'Arcy McGee Beacon Fellowship Programme

Mary McAleese Lecture - WATCH VIDEO

Professor Mary McAleese, President of Ireland (1997-2011), Chancellor of Trinity College Dublin, delivered this captivating and inspiring lecture to staff, students and friends of the University of St. Michael's's College, University of Toronto, on October 29th 2020.

This lecture marked the launch of ICUF’s D’Arcy McGee Beacon Fellowship Program, a scholarship program which supports the development of connections between Canada and Ireland through online engagement.

'The Role of the Irish in the making of Canada' - watch the ICUF Inaugural D'Arcy McGee Beacon Lecture by the Hon. M. Jean Charest, delivered in November. A fascinating lecture about such an interesting and important time in Canadian and Irish history.

Hon. M. Jean Charest Lecture - WATCH VIDEO


ICBA Member News

ICBA Member News: Shareholders at Montreal-based tour operator Air Transat have approved a purchase offer from ICBA member Air Canada. The deal is expected to in early 2021.

Air Transat

ICBA Member News: Shareholders of Dublin and Toronto-based company IPL Plastics have approved the purchase of the company by Intelligent Packaging Limited

IPL Plastics

ICBA Member News:  Canadian company OpenText is currently hiring for 30 people in Co Cork. The software company is looking for new staff across DevOps, database administration, site reliability, senior technical support and more.

Open Text



Frank McKenna, Deputy Chair, TD Bank address to the ICBA (remote)  - 28th January at 2.30pm GMT
To register please email events@irelandcanada.com 

Thank you, and stay safe.

ICBA Newsletter – September 2020

A Message from Kate Hickey, Executive Director, ICBA

Dear Friend of the ICBA,

We have heard the word community used often during these past months. The ICBA is a community of people working in Irish and Canadian businesses navigating an uncertain landscape with optimism and fortitude.

Communication lies at the heart of any successful community and, in the absence of physical events, we have introduced new ways of bringing you information, insights and stories. Our new webinar series resumes on 17th September and we have launched a new podcast series called The Ireland Canada Connection (more on that below). Our updated fact sheet contains the most recent numbers and statistics that reveal the ever-growing strength of the Ireland Canada Relationship.

At a political level we welcome the priority given by the New Government to international trade. In the Dail on 22nd July, An Tánaiste stated “Bilaterally, business links between Ireland and Canada are deep and extensive - outside of Europe, the US and China, Canada is our largest indigenous export market.” To this end we have asked the new Government to prioritise the ratification of CETA (read on for more detail on this campaign)

As we settle into Autumn, we adjust to working in a different way. The ICBA strives to be a valuable resource and to support our members in this altered business landscape. The experience of each member is unique. If as an organisation we can assist and support you in any way, please get in touch.

Wishing you health and wellness,

Yours sincerely ,
Kate Hickey
Executive Director

Kate Hickey, ICBA

ICBA in the News

Trade with Canada is key to Ireland's post COVID19 recovery and mitigation against the impact of Brexit, therefore the ICBA is calling on the new government to ratify CETA as a priority.

Read more about our latest campaign and listen to ICBA Chair Chris Collenette on Newstalk's Pat Kenny Show below.

Chris Collenette, ICBA Chair, joins Pat Kenny on Newstalk to put forward the case for the new government ratifying CETA as a priority.

Launch of the Ireland Canada Connection Podcast Series

Ireland Canada Connection Podcast Series

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most effective ways for companies and organisations to communicate with customers, clients, and stakeholders. The message is delivered by the human voice, across platforms people are familiar with such as Spotify and Apple iTunes, and in a way that reaches busy people on the move.

In this context the ICBA has launched The Ireland Canada Connection podcast series, featuring interviews with leaders in business, culture and public affairs from across Ireland and Canada. Hosted by Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand, the series gets to the heart of what makes the great Ireland/Canada relationship tick, and features insights and advice about how to succeed in business in both nations.

CLICK HERE to listen and also to support the series by subscribing or following, and leaving a rating or review.

Greenfield Global

We congratulate ICBA Patron Member Greenfield Global on the opening of their 3,800 sq foot manufacturing facility in Port Laoise.  Greenfield is Canada’s largest producer of alcohol and fuel ethanol and will employ 75 people in it’s Port Laoise facility.

Thanks and Best Wishes to Ambassador Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly

We wish the very best to Ambassador Jim Kelly as he commences as Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative at the UN Security Council in New York.  Ambassador Kelly’s vision and championing of the Ireland Canada relationship created alliances on so many levels -education, political, business, culture and tourism.  For that the ICBA is indebted. We know that the Ireland Canada relationship will continue to flourish with the incoming Ambassador designate Eamonn McKee at the helm.

Ambassador Jim Kelly in conversation with Dan O'Donnell of the ICBA. In this short clip, Ambassador Kelly outlines how CETA has been a major boost for Irish companies accessing the Canadian market, particularly smaller ones that would have been unable to do so prior to the agreement.

Chrystia Freeland

Congratulations to Chrystia Freeland who has been appointed as Canada's first ever female Finance Minister.

Kevin Vickers, First Guest on the Ireland Canada Connection Podcast Series

Kevin Vickers

Former Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, Kevin Vickers, was our very first guest on The Ireland Canada Connection - the ICBA's brand new podcast series. Always a great friend to the ICBA and supporter of the Association’s work, Kevin left his post in Ireland in 2019 to become leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick in Canada.

In this interview Kevin talks about his time as Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, why he believes connectivity and relationship building are key to economic success, the great opportunities in cyber security and the green economy, and his decision to enter the political arena in New Brunswick.

We also explored more personal topics, such as his Irish roots, his time in the Canadian Mounties, and his road to recovery after he stopped a terrorist attack at the Canadian parliament building in 2014.  LISTEN HERE

What's Happening in Canada?

Shopify - Canadian company Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform designed for small and medium businesses to manage sales online, has recorded record growth in Q2 2020, making it the most valuable pubic company in Canada. The company first established operations in Ireland in 2015 initially hiring 50 people and since then, has expanded to employ over 400 people here, all working remotely. During the pandemic, Shopify has enabled many companies to move to selling online. They are also working with the Government of Canada on the Go Digital initiative to support small businesses to adapt their business. (WATCH: John Riordan of Shopify in conversation with Chris Collenette, ICBA Chair)

Public Service Pride Week in Canada - The week of August 24th was Public Service Pride Week in Canada, which is a week-long initiative for public service employees to come together with LGBTQ2+ communities and colleagues to celebrate diversity from a place of inclusion, empathy and love. Prime Minister Trudeau’s message on Public Service Pride Week can be viewed here. The Irish Embassy in Canada also joined in the celebrations, hosting a virtual talk with the Australian Embassy to discuss paths to marriage equality in Ireland, Canada and Australia.

COVID-19 initiatives in Canada The Canadian Government announced an investment of more than $3 million for Nova Scotia-based IMV Inc. to advance clinical development of its vaccine candidate for the prevention of COVID-19 infection. This support is being provided with contributions from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program and the Next Generation Manufacturing Canada Supercluster.

The federal and Ontario governments are each kicking in $23.3 million to help increase production capacity of 3M’s medical-grade N95 masks in Canada. Quebec-based Medicom also produces N95 and surgical masks for frontline Canadian healthcare professionals.
(Credit:  Suzanne Drisdelle of the Canadian Embassy for contributing these stories)

What's Happening in Ireland?

Ireland’s new government - 140 days after people headed to the polls for the General Election in February, a new Government of Ireland was formed in June last.  Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party agreed to go into a historic coalition together after members from all three parties approved the deal.

Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin was elected Ireland's Taoiseach (Prime Minister) – a post he will hold until 2022, when he will be replaced by his predecessor Leo Varadkar of Fine Gael. In his acceptance speech, Martin acknowledged the different traditions of the three parties and pledged to lead a government programme of "recovery" and "renewal".

Minister Paschal Donohoe’s new European positionOne of the members of the new government, Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe, secured the position of President of the Eurogroup in July. Minister Donohoe won a secret ballot of 19 colleagues in, defeating the Spanish favourite, Nadia Calvino, who was backed by the European Union’s four biggest economies. The Irish Times describes the victory as “testament to the charm of a 45-year-old Dubliner who positioned himself as a bridge builder who could span the divide between the fiscally conservative northern nations and southern governments hardest hit by the pandemic”. (watch Paschal Donohoe deliver an address to ICBA membership in 2019 HERE)

Woman wins dream cottage in Co Mayo with €50 raffle ticketThis summer the Canada-based Irish owners of a cottage in Foxford, Co Mayo decided to raffle their house to raise funds for frontline healthworkers. The couple both survived COVID19 and wanted to ‘give something back’ after surviving the virus. The tickets cost €10 and they raised just short of €1 million. The lucky winner, Michele Hallahan, got the keys on Sept 1st. She had spent €50 on tickets. Speaking of her win she said, "I am definitely going to keep it, it is my dream home…I lived in the US for 20 years and always dreamed that I would own a cottage like this close to the Atlantic but this has come like a bolt out of the blue"

Valentia Cable Foundation Annual Lecture & Fireside Chat

Valentia Cable Foundation Annual Lecture

The VCF  Lecture will be held virtually on Friday Oct 9th  3.00pm – 5.30 pm and will be chaired by Ms Ann O'Dea, CEO of SiliconRepublic.com and will include speaker David Mc Court Chairman National Broadband Ireland. Following this, the Valentia Cable Foundation is  hosting a transatlantic panel with Hearts Content in Newfoundland Canada, featuring a fireside chat between the two communities and music performances on both sides of the Atlantic. This event will include the signing of a MOU will take place at the Cable Station on Valentia from 7.30pm - 9.00pm (BST) on Oct 9th.

To register for the event please see link here

ICBA Podcasts on Soundcloud



ICBA  & Mazars Webinar, 17th Sept at 4pm  - Managing the remote divide in a virtual workplace.
To register please email events@irelandcanada.com 

Thank you, and stay safe.

ICBA Newsletter – April 2020

A Message from ICBA Chair, Chris Collenette

Dear Friend,

The coronavirus has generated unprecedented uncertainty in every aspect of our lives. At the Ireland Canada Business Association we will continue to support our members throughout this challenging period. Given that reduced interaction is the best form of protection, we have postponed our member events until further notice . This includes the inaugural trade mission to Calgary and Vancouver to have taken place in May. This trade mission will now take place 24 – 28 May 2021.

On the ICBA website we have listed a number of useful links to provide information for our members to consider in responding to Covid 19. Here is the link. We have also listed a number of initiatives taken by the Irish & Canadian governments to protect communities and diminish the impact on employees, the economy and small businesses. If your business has a podcast or a webinar that will inform our members, please get in touch.

We are closely monitoring events and our thoughts are with patients in Ireland and across Canada whom the virus has now affected. I hope that you and your families keep well over the coming weeks.

Be safe, and stay well.

Kind regards

Chris Collenette

Chris Collenette

Chris Collenette, Chairperson

Why the 'Work from Home' model is the future

John Riordan, Director of Support at Shopify, in conversation with Chris Collenette, ICBA Chair

While most of us are now working from home as a result of Covid-19, some companies have been operating this model for many years. Shopify, a Canadian company and ICBA member,  is one such business. Having set up in Ireland in 2015, the global e-commerce platform employs over 300 people all across Ireland, all working remotely.

John Riordan, Director of Support at Shopify, recently joined Chris Collenette for an interview about why Shopify chose Ireland, the future of work, and Ireland's big advantage when it comes to attracting multinational companies.  In the above clip John outlines why he believes the 'work from home' model is the future. Full interview HERE.

"Today we think about those patients in Ireland and across Canada who are affected by Covid-19"

A St Patrick's Day message from Kate Hickey, Executive Director of the ICBA,
to all of our members, friends, and colleagues.

Thanks to everybody who joined us at the recent ICBA & Shannon Chamber Trade Briefing at Gateway Hub, Shannon, Co Clare. We heard excellent discussions and stories, including the success of Limerick company Samco providing biodegradable film to farmers across Canada.

Thanks especially to our panel of speakers: Pearse Conaty, Bank of Ireland, Suzanne Drisdelle, Canadian Embassy; Joanne McEnteggart, IQEQ& ICBA Vice Chair; Robert Shine, Samco; and Helen Downes of the Shannon Chamber.

Jim Kelly

"These are exciting developments at a moment of unique opportunity in our relations and demonstrate Ireland’s commitment to seize that moment. In these testing times, Ireland-Canada relations provide a welcome good news story"

Read Ambassador Jim Kelly's excellent article in The Globe and Mail HERE.

The Ambassador also joined Dan O'Donnell of the ICBA recently as part of our latest video series. In the below clip, Ambassador Kelly describes how CETA has been a major boost for Irish companies accessing the Canadian market, particularly smaller ones that would have been unable to do so prior to the agreement

Ambassador Jim Kelly in conversation with Dan O'Donnell, ICBA

PDAC Convention in Toronto

Sean Canney

Sean Canney TD, acting Minister of State for Natural Resources, provided the keynote address at the “Ireland – Open for Business” forum at the Prospectors and Developers Association Canada (PDAC) Convention and Tradeshow held in Toronto, 3 March.

The session provided updates of mineral exploration in Ireland and project overview from state bodies including Geological Survey Ireland, the Exploration and Mining Division of the Department Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Invest NI and the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences (iCRAG). The delegates were welcomed by John Boylan, Deputy Head of Mission, Irish Embassy in Canada, and Stephen Hughes, Head of Construction , Enterprise Ireland,

Minister Canney noted that Ireland’s rankings as a destination for FDI have improved, as measured by the Fraser Institute in 2019, now ranking 2nd for Policy Perception and enjoyed a world class applied research centre in iCRAG. The Minister's full speech can be read HERE.

"It has been the most successful 5-year period in IDA’s history” - Deirdre Moran, SVP Technology & Country Manager, Canada at IDA Ireland on recent record results and a new Dublin HQ. In conversation with Deirdre Giblin, Vice Chair, ICBA

ICBA Podcasts on Soundcloud



Naturally we have had to postpone all planned events for the foreseeable future but once rescheduled we will inform you of the new dates. We have already rescheduled the ICBA Trade Mission to Western Canada to 24 – 28 May 2021 and we will keep you posted on future events here and on our social channels.

Thank you, and stay safe.

ICBA Newsletter – Christmas Edition

Season's Greetings from ICBA Chair, Chris Collenette

ICBA Chair, Chris Collenette, reflects on a very successful for year for the association and looks ahead to some significant events coming up in 2020

ICBA & ICUF Christmas Drinks 2019

Thanks to all who attended our 2019 Christmas Drinks this week, jointly hosted by the ICBA and ICUF. We enjoyed the great company of many members, friends and colleagues, including Deputy Alan Farrell in his capacity of head of the Ireland Canada Parliamentary Friendship Group and Penny and David Collenette PC.

Minister Paschal Donohoe delivers keynote at ICBA briefing

Paschal Donohoe

At a time in which our backs were really against the wall…Canada pressed the case for Ireland in some really, really important debates and some important decisions; and for that, I and we should always be grateful

Minister for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, Paschal Donohoe, delivered a truly inspiring speech at November's ICBA business briefing, hosted by the National College of Ireland. He spoke about the growing economic and diplomatic relationship between Ireland and Canada and how our two nations can be true allies and champions of global trade. See the full interview HERE, and check out the short clip below where he describes being in the room with Ireland and Canada at the IMF.


Brexit will attract investors to Ireland ICBA

“If Ireland was a stock, I would buy. It’s probably ‘buy low’ right now still. I don’t think Ireland has achieved its full potential,” said Mr Hyder, who spoke at the annual Maple Leaf dinner of the Ireland Canada Business Association on Friday night.

Great coverage in The Irish Times of Goldy Hyder's recent trip to Ireland to be the keynote speaker at our annual Maple Leaf Dinner (photos below). Here's the full article.

The President and CEO of the Business Council of Canada joined ICBA Chair Chris Collenette for a quick chat 'backstage' in the Marker Hotel. Check out those socks!

Goldy Hyder & Chris Collenette in conversation

EU Economic Growth Forecast 2019

These figures from the European Commission’s Autumn 2019 Economic Forecast caught our eye. The European economy is forecast to grow for the seventh year in a row in 2019, with Ireland’s pace of growth forecast to be fastest at 5.6 percent, followed by 5.0 percent in Malta and 4.6 percent in Hungary.

Kevin Ahern of TD Securities Ireland on banking culture, attracting talent, and successful scaling. In conversation with Patrick Haughey.

ICBA Maple Leaf Dinner - Oct 2019

A short highlights video from the 2019 Maple Leaf Dinner

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the ICBA Maple Leaf Dinner 2019 - it was a fantastic night of socialising, networking and raising funds for our charity partners.

ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019

ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019
ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019


ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019
ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019


ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019

ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019
ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019


ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019
ICBA ICUF Christmas 2019


ICBA Trade Mission 2020

Following the success of this year's ICBA business mission to Toronto and Montreal, we're delighted to announce our 2020 mission to Western Canada. For all info email events@irelandcanada.com

ICBA Podcasts on Soundcloud


ICBA 2020 Events


ICBA Newsletter – Autumn 2019

Dear all,

Welcome to our latest edition of our newsletter. I would like to say how delighted I am to become vice-chair of the Ireland Canada Business Association and look forward to working with the ICBA Advisory Council and also engaging with our members to continue growing and promoting Ireland Canada relations. We have very exciting plans ahead which I look forward to supporting the association in their implementation

We would like to hugely thank Suzanne Drisdelle, the Canadian Embassy's new Senior Trade Commissioner and Charge D'Affairs, for joining us at our recent leadership council meeting. It is very pleasing to hear about the Trade Commission Services strategic plans and Canada's international trade objectives.  We look forward to working with Suzanne and the Canadian Embassy and supporting each other as we continue to work on building trade relationships between our two countries and ensuring we provide our members – YOU – with any support you need in achieving your strategic objectives in both Ireland and Canada.

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to our newest members, Greenfield Energy, Nephin Energy, Hanover Communications and Accelerated Payments.

Lastly, we were all so thrilled for Bianca Andreescu, first Canadian ever to receive a Grand Slam singles title and such an achievement for a nineteen year old!  Congratulations to Bianca.

We hope to see you all at our Maple Leaf Dinner on October 18th at the Marker Hotel in Dublin, where we are honored to have Goldy Hyder, President and CEO of the Business Council of Canada, as keynote speaker. It promises to be a great event, and you will find more details about it below.

Thank you

Joanne McEnteggart

Joanne McEnteggart, Vice-chair

Gerry Mongey receives ICBA Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Kate Hickey, Deirdre Giblin, Gerry Mongey, and Suzanne Drisdelle

We were delighted to present Gerry  Mongey with an Honorary Lifetime Membership of the ICBA on her retirement as Trade Commissioner at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin -  Gerry is the first woman to receive this accolade.  So, thank you Gerry for all your hard work for us at ICBA and the Canadian embassy over the years.

Read the full tribute paid to Gerry as she accepted the award: https://irelandcanada.com/gerry-mongey-tribute/

Laureen Regan

Laureen Regan

IN PROFILE: Laureen Regan - President and Founder, Ireland Canada Centre for Commerce, Calgary

"The time has never been better for Irish and Alberta businesses looking for new markets. Businesses and visitors alike will find a world of opportunity, an affordable business climate, young and educated workforce and a warm welcome in Alberta"

In the latest of our series of profiles on the organisations  helping Irish companies to thrive in Canada, we meet Laureen Regan, who heads up the Ireland Canada Centre of Commerce, Calgary, and who is also Honorary Vice Consul for Trade and Investment for Ireland. Waterford-born Laureen outlines the top reasons for choosing Alberta as a base, gives her advice on how to get established, and delivers a message to the Irish government on successfully seizing current business opportunities. Read the full article HERE.

ICBA - Roundtable Discussion - September 2019

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the ICBA roundtable featuring contributions from Honorary Vice Consul for Trade and Investment for Ireland, Laureen Regan, Darcy Kerwin of Vermilion, ICBA Vice Chair Joanne McEnteggart of IQEQ and Suzanne Drisdelle, Senior Trade Commissioner and Chargé d’Affaires of the Canadian Embassy in Ireland.

The ICBA wishes the very best of luck to the Ireland and Canada International Rugby squads as they progress in the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Chris Collenette, Chairperson - ICBA & Joe Shannon, CEO - G Golf Ireland

With Shane Lowry winning the British Open at Royal Portrush, and Adare Manor being announced as host of the 2026 Ryder Cup, the world of golf has been big news this summer. Our new chairperson Chris Collenette caught up with ICBA member Joe Shannon, CEO of  G-Golf Ireland, to chat about Ireland as a golf tourism destination, it's huge value to the economy, and the burning question of who has the best golf courses, Ireland or Canada?!

ICBA Podcasts on Soundcloud



“I’ve said this many, many times before. I’m going to say it again: It’s been a goal of mine to inspire many people, especially Canadian athletes. I think that this win will hopefully do that, not only this win but just what I’ve accomplished this past year because so many Canadian athletes have paved the way for me when I was young.”

Bianca Andreescu (19) became the first Canadian ever to win a singles Grand Slam when she beat Serena Williams in the final of the US Open. Congratulations Bianca from all at the ICBA.

We are delighted that Mr Goldy Hyder, President and CEO of the Business Council of Canada will be our special keynote speaker at the annual ICBA Maple Leaf Dinner on October 18th.

The Council represents the chief executives and heads of 150 leading Canadian businesses, employing 1.7 million Canadians and composed of every major industry across the country.

Prior to this role, Mr Hyder was President & CEO of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, and before that served as director of policy and chief of staff to The Right Honourable Joe Clark, former prime minister and leader of the then federal Progressive Conservative Party.

We look forward to hearing Mr Hyder’s insights on the great relationship and exciting opportunities that exist between Ireland and Canada right now. For more information and to book a place email events@irelandcanada.com

Ireland v Canada

RTÉ will carry live coverage of the Ireland's historic two-game Olympic qualifier against Canada at Energia Park in Donnybrook on 2nd and 3rd of November. Best of luck to both teams!

We wish Dan Costello the very best of luck as he moves from his role as Ambassador of Canada to the European Union on to pastures new. Dan delivered a fantastic address to last year's ICBA Business Summit and you can listen back to it here (introduction by Chris Collenette)


8th October ICBA member Geoscience Ireland, in collaboration with the Irish Mining and Quarrying Society,
will be hosting the ‘Mining Ireland’ conference this Oct 8th
at the Radisson Blu Airport, Dublin. For registration details please visit the IMQS

18th October - The ICBA Annual Maple Leaf Dinner, featuring Mr Goldy Hyder,
Business Council of Canada, as keynote speaker. Email events@irelandcanada.com.

21st November - Ireland Canada Trade Briefing - National College of Ireland.
Keynote address by Minister for Finance, Paschal Donohoe.

ICBA Newsletter – May/June 2019

Dear ICBA members and friends,

As incoming Chairperson of the ICBA, I'd like to first thank Garrett Monaghan for his service as Chairperson over the past four years.  We have made great strides as an organization under his leadership.

During this period, and through the hard work of our Executive Director Kate Hickey and the Chair of our Membership Committee Dan O'Donnell, the ICBA has more than doubled its membership.  There is no question that the ratification of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and Europe has provided an impetus for ICBA's growth as companies in both countries were looking to new trade markets as a result of Brexit and NAFTA (now USMCA) renegotiations.  However, it took a strong ICBA team to convert that interest into new members.

In addition, during Garrett's tenure, we have hosted two very successful business summits in Dublin, led two trade missions to Canada and held countless trade briefings, networking and social events. We have also increased our communications internally, through the creation of this newsletter, and externally, having revamped the website, created a twitter account and a Linked-in page, not to mention countless hits in traditional Irish media.

As a result, the ICBA has improved its ability to be heard by decision makers on key issues facing our members.   For example, following an ICBA advocacy effort, it was announced that the IDA would open an office in Toronto.  Finally, we recently updated the organization’s constitution from 1978 to modernize its operations and ensure compliance with the Companies Act 2014.

Moving forward, we will continue to build on this strong foundation to increase membership in the ICBA by continuing to demonstrate value through our communication and advocacy efforts, business events and social functions.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome Joanne McEnteggart from IQEQ (formerly First Names Group) to the Board of the ICBA replacing myself as Vice-Chair.  Joanne has shown a real commitment to the ICBA and will no doubt help us drive the ICBA agenda into the future.

Thank you

Chris Collenette

Chris Collenette, Chairperson

ICBA Business Mission to Canada - May 2019

Trade Mission ICBA 2019

Trade Mission ICBA 2019
Trade Mission ICBA 2019


Trade Mission ICBA 2019
Trade Mission ICBA 2019


A delegation of the Ireland Canada Business association (ICBA) recently returned from a high-level business mission to Canada. Ireland and Canada already enjoy close bilateral business connections and the purpose of the ICBA mission was to further strengthen those ties and capitalise on the opportunities that Brexit, CETA, and NAFTA renegotiations present.

The mission was organised in co-operation with the Ireland Canada Chambers of Commerce in Toronto and Montreal, and the delegation was accompanied by Ambassador Jim Kelly and Deputy Head of Mission, Michael Hurley. Meetings were held with:

  • The Attorney General of Ontario, Minister Caroline Mulroney.
  • Mr. Goldy  Hyder, CEO Business Council of Canada
  • Former Deputy Prime Minister  John Manley, Chair CIBC.
  • Business Council of Canada
  • Toronto Finance International
  • Ontario Ministry for Economic Development
  • Invest Quebec
  • Toronto Board of Trade
  • Montreal International
  • Irish Park Foundation
  • Public Sector Investment Board

The mission revealed that Canada’s business and political leaders firmly believe in the vast potential of the Canada / Ireland relationship, and, with further efforts on a governmental level, there are numerous opportunities to further strength the economic, cultural and political relationships between our two nations.

Jackie Gilna, President, ICCCOTT

IN PROFILE: Jackie Gilna - President, ICCCOTT

In the second of our series of Ireland Canada Chamber profiles, we catch up with Jackie Gilna, President of the Ireland Canada Chamber of Commerce Ottawa.

Jackie talks about doing business in the city and region, top tips for success, and the Galway man that she is proud to call an ICCCOTT member.

You can read it HERE.




Banning Offshore Drilling Ireland Irish Examiner

The ICBA recently warned about the consequences of banning offshore gas and oil exploration in Ireland. The Irish Examiner (read here)  and RTE News (read here) carried the story.

Kate Hickey, Executive Director of the Ireland Canada Business Association outlined the ICBA's position:

"The ICBA and its members fully support Ireland’s move to a lower carbon economy, but it will take time. Oil and particularly gas are an essential part of the transition and we believe that is far preferable to source oil and gas through Ireland’s indigenous sources.

Canada and Ireland have close links in the resource sector through the likes of the North Atlantic Petroleum Systems Assessment (NAPSA) agreement, re-signed in 2018. The Petroleum Sector is a strong contributor to the Canadian economy and even as we transition to a low-carbon economy, developing our indigenous energy supplies can bring jobs to rural Ireland (as the sector has done in Canada in places such as Alberta and Newfoundland), inward investment from multinational companies, and a level of energy-security that we currently do not enjoy.

We welcome Minister Richard Bruton’s rejection, ruling out an immediate banning of fossil fuel exploration in Ireland, and we ask that the government continue to consider further the longer-term impact of this Bill.  We ask other political parties to consider the challenges that lie ahead for Ireland in terms of securing its own energy supply and the effect that energy security has on inward investment."

ICBA Inaugural Quiz Winners 2019

Congratulations to the winners of ICBA Inaugural Quiz on 27th June in Clontarf Castle. Top prize went to ISC/Enterprise Registry Solutions captained by Laurel Garven!


Do you know your Ireland - Canada history?

Robert G. Kearns, Ireland Park Foundation

What do Toronto’s healthcare system, the Home Rule movement, and Ireland’s departure from the Commonwealth have in common? They're all part of the fascinating shared history between Ireland and Canada. Thanks to Robert G Kearns of the Ireland Park Foundation for putting together a great article for the ICBA - you can read it HERE.

Mark O’Neill, CEO, Canadian Museum of History, Ottawa, and Robert Kearns, Chairman and Founder, Ireland Park Foundation, Toronto, will be special guests at the Thomas D'Arcy McGee Summer School next month. More information can be found HERE.  


4th September 2019 - ICBA AGM. Canadian Embassy Residence, Dublin.
18th October 2019- Annual Maple Leaf Dinner.
November 2019 -  Ireland Canada Trade Briefing (date and venue tbc)

A welcome from ICBA Chair, Chris Collenette

As the Chairperson of the Ireland Canada Business Association (ICBA), I am pleased to welcome you to this website.  Since 1978, the ICBA has been the voice of Canadian companies with operations in Ireland and Irish companies exporting to Canada.  The mission of the ICBA is to Connect, Communicate and Influence Irish-Canadian stakeholders on behalf of our membership, which has now grown to over 100 companies.

Strong Links

Canada and Ireland share a strong links dating back to the famine – indeed over 13% of Canadians claim Irish ancestry.  Today those links continue to be underpinned by Irish and Canadian transatlantic businesses creating jobs, growth and prosperity.  In recent years the two nations have forged even strong economic links, with visits by Prime Minister Trudeau to Ireland and by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to Canada,  as well as countless ministerial visits and trade missions from both countries.

There is also a close relationship between Canada and Ireland’s Ministers of Finance, since both countries are part of the same representative constituency at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).   In fact, Canada represented Ireland during the IMF bailout negotiations, with Canada’s Finance Minister at the time, Jim Flaherty, credited with achieving favourable terms for Ireland.

With modern economies, a liberalized trade approach, and progressive values, both Ireland and Canada are indeed two ‘signpost’ countries for the future.  The ICBA will continue to work hard to foster this relationship on behalf of our members.

Recipient of FDI

Canada is very quickly becoming one of the most significant FDI influences in Ireland, with over 75 operational companies here employing some 13,000 workers.  Ireland is the 15th largest recipient of Canadian FDI globally.   Our members welcomed the opening of an IDA office in Toronto and the decision by the Department of Foreign Affairs to open a new consulate in Vancouver, providing an Irish footprint in Canada in three major urban areas across the country.


Due to the uncertainties being caused by Brexit, and the opportunities created by CETA, investment in Europe through Ireland is becoming the preferred option for many Canadian companies as well as existing Canadian companies already in the UK.

Ireland’s role and offering to Canadian and international companies as a gateway to the EU single market remains unparalleled.  Ireland’s hard won and well-established reputation for winning and maintaining foreign direct investment is critically important in the coming months as Brexit becomes a reality.

Increased Trade

The strong trade relationship between Ireland and Canada is reflected in the estimated €2.75 billion of annual trade between Ireland and Canada. This includes fast-growing exports by innovative Irish companies to Canada and major Canadian investments in Ireland.  In recent years, Enterprise Ireland client company exports to Canada grew by 7.3% to 282 million Euros, or in excess of 425 million Canadian dollars.  Canada is the destination for $6.3 billion of Ireland’s foreign direct investment abroad.  In addition, bilateral merchandise trade between Ireland and Canada is growing steadily and reached a value of CAD $2.23bn in 2015.  In 2016, Canada imported $1,934,344,594 CAD worth of Irish goods.

High Profile Investments

In recent years the investments between the countries have been both large and small and span many sectors: whether it be the  Great West Life acquisition of Irish Life for €1.3bn, €450m acquisition of Topaz by Couche-Tard; the acquisition of Whitegate refinery by Irving Oil; the purchase by Nexen of four licences for gas exploration as in Ireland’s southern Porcupine Basin; the  €41m acquisition of All Seasons Mushrooms Mushroom Co by Fyffes; the €5.5m investment by Canadian firm Mark Anthony Brands in the Glendalough Distillery; or the establishment of Canadian firm Shopify in Galway. The story continues with the acquisition of BPO Voxpro by TELUS, both Press Reader and Teknicor opening up international headquarters in Dublin,  the Greystone purchase of a majority stake in the Ballycadden Wind Farm; the acquisition of Dublin-based Brown Bag Films by 9 Story Media Group; the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) purchase of Shell’s 45% stake in Corrib Natural Gas Field for €830m or Brookfield takes major stake in Imagine Communications.

The Comprehensive Economic Free Trade Agreement (CETA)

As Canada’s nearest neighbour to the EU, the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement between Canada and Europe presents Ireland with substantial opportunity to take the initiative in working with Canadian, international and domestic companies on significantly liberalised cross Atlantic trade. While indigenous Irish company exports to Canada have grown by over 250% in the last five years, it has been predicted that CETA will result in a €250m increase in Irish exports per annum.

As a result of CETA, Canada will be one of the only developed countries in the world with guaranteed preferential access to the marketplace of almost one billion consumers in NAFTA and the EU. This represents over half the world’s output of goods and services.

Ireland, with its common law system, business friendly government, highly educated workforce, competitive 12.5% corporate tax and the OECD-approved 6.25% Knowledge Box tax for IP profits, is an ideal location for Canadian firms looking to establish operations in Europe as a result of CETA.

The Ireland Canada Business Association is proud of the work of our members and believe that a strong business community is the bedrock for a successful society. The ICBA remains committed to assisting them their bilateral investment and trade between Canada and Ireland and will build on the work accomplished over the last 40 years to promote member views and protect their transatlantic businesses.

Chris Collennette

Chris Collenette
Philip Lee Solicitors

ICBA Insights – May 2019

Our business mission to Canada, Sovy profile, upcoming events, Ministerial interview, and more...

Dear ICBA members and friends,

We are delighted to be leading a business mission to Canada this month, in co-operation with the Ireland Canada Chambers of Commerce in Toronto and Montreal. This mission will take place from May 27 – 31 2019 and Ambassador Jim Kelly will participate alongside Senior Executives from the IDA and Enterprise Ireland. Participants will meet Policymakers, Industry Leaders and Senior Executives in the business communities in Toronto and Montreal (itinerary in full below).

Kate HickeyA mission such as this presents valuable opportunities to bring our two business communities closer together and forge relationships that will last long into the future. We look forward to meeting our peers, colleagues and friends and we will report back on the events of the mission on our return.


Thank you.

Kate Hickey
Executive Director

ICBA & Cork Chamber Trade Briefing - March 2019

ICBA Cork Chamber Trade Briefing March 2019

ICBA Cork Chamber Trade Briefing March 2019
ICBA Cork Chamber Trade Briefing March 2019

ICBA Cork Chamber Trade Briefing March 2019
ICBA Cork Chamber Trade Briefing March 2019

Thanks to Cork-based Canadian operations OpenText, Voxpro and eSentire for being part of the ICBA Trade briefing, kindly hosted by Cork Chamber. Leading Edge Group and Osborne Recruitment Consultancy shared their experiences of setting up operations in Ontario, while Dr Eleanor Doyle of Cork University Business School highlighted Canada’s ability to nurture clusters and the sectoral benefits that such clusters generate. Thanks also to John Roxburgh of the Embassy of Canada for a great address.

The ICBA Meets: Richard Bruton, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment

ICBA meets Richard Bruton

Having just returned from a visit to Canada as part of the 2019 St Patrick's Day programme, Minister Richard Bruton took the time to sit down with Patrick Haughey, Communications Consultant to ICBA and talk about the trip. In this interview the Minister talks about:

+ The Irish companies that are solving key problems for Canadian industry
+ Meeting the big Canadian investors in Ireland
+ Switching on the green lights at Niagara Falls
+ What Ireland can learn from Canada's approach to carbon taxes and rebates
+ How the Irish government plans to help multinationals establish and expand in Ireland

Read Article or Listen to 10-minute interview

ICBA Business Mission to Canada

ICBA Business Mission to Canada May 2019

The ICBA will lead a business mission to Canada in co-operation with the Ireland Canada Chambers of Commerce in Toronto and Montreal from May 27th – 31st 2019.
Ambassador Jim Kelly will accompany the group in Toronto and Deputy Michael Hurley will proceed to Montreal with the group . Key participants include  IDA and Enterprise Ireland. Participants will attend a series of meetings, events and roundtable discussions with key political and industry leaders. Participation is for members only.


  • Business Summit with Toronto Ireland Chamber ICCCOTT hosted by Gowlings. Keynote address by Ambassador Jim Kelly with featured speaker Jean Francois Perrault, Chief Economist at Scotia Bank
  • Photoshoot with Premier Doug Ford
  • Breakfast Trade briefing with Irish Canada Chamber of Commerce Montreal hosted by McCarthy Tetrault

Meetings & round-table discussions

  • Jose A Santoyo ,Director Trade & Investment Services Office ,World Trade Centre Toronto
  • Minister Doug Smith of Economic Job Creation and Trade
  • Jennifer Reynolds, CEO Toronto Finance International
  • Hon. John Manley, Chair of CIBC Bank
  • Ken Anderson of Intact Insurance
  • Invest Quebec

IN PROFILE: John (JP) Popolizio of Sovy

John PopolizioIn the first of our series of ICBA member company profiles, John (JP) Popolizio of Sovy describes his experience of setting up operations in Ireland, he outlines the most positive and challenging aspects of the process, and also shares his advice for Canadian companies thinking of choosing Ireland as their EU base



ICBA Events

Dates for your Diary

May 22nd - Lunch for participants of the 2019 mission to Canada

May 27th  - ICBA Trade Mission to Canada

June 13th - ICBA Golf Classic, Castleknock Golf Club, Dublin

June 27th - ICBA Inaugural Pub Quiz, venue tbc

June 30th - ICS Canada Day Picnic, Malahide Castle, Dublin

For further information please email events@irelandcanada.com


If you are interested in joining the ICBA please email kate.hickey@irelandcanada.com

ICBA January & February News

Dear ICBA members and friends,

It is very early in the year, but 2019 has been incredibly significant for the ICBA so far, as our association has now over 100 members.

When we formed the membership committee back in the summer of 2017, we knew there was potential to grow the ICBA given its strong value proposition and connections between Ireland and Canada. However, we never believed in our wildest dreams that we could get to over 100 members so quickly.  We now truly represent Canadian businesses in Ireland and Irish businesses in Canada.

This landmark number would not have been achievable without the support of my fellow ICBA membership committee members (Blaithin O'Donnell, Chris Collenette and Kate Hickey) and of those members who outlined the merits of joining the ICBA to their own networks.

Added membership has given us greater resources to achieve the objectives of our members, and this year will see us hold more influential events, lead a trade mission to Canada, and gain even greater exposure in national media for vital issues involving the Ireland-Canada relationship.

Dan O'DonnellOur special thanks goes to Ambassador Kevin Vickers who is finishing his term as Canadian Ambassador to Ireland. Kevin been a fantastic patron of the ICBA and worked tirelessly to support and help the ICBA grow and thrive throughout his time in Ireland. We would not have been able to achieve our success without the support of Kevin and we greatly appreciate the friendship, leadership and status he has given us. I wish Kevin the very best of luck in the nomination to lead the Liberal party in his home of New Brunswick. I am sure he will leave a lasting impact on them just like he has with us in the ICBA.

Finally, thanks to each and every one of you for your support and engagement in helping us to achieve our ambition to grow to over 100 members.

Dan O'Donnell
Chair of Membership Committee

The ICBA celebrates reaching 100 members - Stephens Green Hibernian Club - 5th February 2019

ICBA 100 Members Celebration

ICBA 100 Members Celebration
ICBA 100 Members Celebration

ICBA 100 Members Celebration
ICBA 100 Members Celebration

We were delighted to welcome so many of our valued members, colleagues and friends to help us celebrate reaching 100 members. Some of those in attendance included:

  • Minister of State for Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O'Connor TD
  • His Excellency Kevin Vickers, Canadian Ambassador to Ireland
  • Minister for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection, Pat Breen TD
  • Deputy Alan Farrell, FG TD & Chair of the Ireland Canada Parliamentary Party
  • Seamus Woulfe, Attorney General

The ICBA: Making Headlines

ICBA Irish Times

Coverage of the ICBA's latest member survey in The Irish Times - just one of the national newspapers to feature the results of our poll.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Thanks to everyone who took time to respond to the recent ICBA Brexit survey. These polls allow us to give a louder voice to Canadian multinationals in Ireland, and to lobby government more effectively to create an even better environment for doing business.

This survey revealed that, while 90% of our members believe Brexit presents Ireland with a major opportunity’ to attract large multinationals away from the UK and to set up operations here, they also see a number of clear ways to maximise the opportunity at hand. They include:

  1. The housing crisis must finally be solved and supply of homes and rental properties boosted to adequate levels. Ireland’s attractiveness as a place to do business is being serious hampered by lack of such critical infrastructure.
  2. Increased resources for the IDA to promote Ireland’s attractiveness as the gateway to Europe for Canadian multinationals. As the 10th largest economy in the world (and one that is growing) there is huge untapped potential in Canada. We very much welcome the IDA establishing an office in Toronto and look forward to their extending resources to  the West Coast to leverage the significant opportunities that exist to attract investment from Western Canada.
  3. Fast-tracking of the National Broadband Plan. The ESRI recently found that high-speed broadband boosts business productivity by up to a third, yet 540,000 rural homes and businesses still await the fate of the plan. National high-speed connectivity will allow companies to tap into a greater talent pool of regional and remote workers, significantly easing the pressure on our major cities.

As the voice of Canadian business in Ireland the ICBA will continue to seek our members' expertise and opinion on matters of such critical importance and look forward to your ongoing support.

Farewell to Ambassador Kevin Vickers

Farewell to Ambassador Kevin Vickers
Farewell to Ambassador Kevin Vickers

Farewell to Ambassador Kevin Vickers
Farewell to Ambassador Kevin Vickers

Farewell to Ambassador Kevin Vickers

The ICBA wishes Ambassador Vickers a fond farewell. We thank the Ambassador for taking a personal interest in the ICBA and raising the meaning of Patronage to a whole new level. The relationship between Ireland and Canada has flourished with the Ambassador at the helm, championing our Association in Ireland and Canada. The ICBA will sorely miss the Ambassador’s unswerving commitment, hospitality, and good humour. We wish him the very best of luck in the next chapter of his dynamic and successful career. Go n-eiri on bothar leat.


Vancouver Chamber Lar QuigleyFor part one of our series of profiles with Ireland-Canada Chambers of Commerce, we’re joined by Lar Quigley, President of the Ireland-Canada Chambers of Commerce Vancouver. Lar describes ICCCVan's mission and membership, explains what makes Vancouver so special, and gives his top advice for doing business there.


"The untold story of how Canada and Carney helped Ireland through its darkest hours in the crash"

Sunday Independent | 30.12.2018


Ireland's most-read Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Independent, recently featured the fascinating story of Canada's critical role in steering Ireland safely through the economic recession.

It centers around the unique relationship between Jim Flaherty (late Finance Minister of Canada), Mark Carney (former Governor of Bank of Canada) and Michael Noonan (former Finance Minister of Ireland).

It truly is a story that reveals the depth of the political, cultural and economic ties between our two nations, and huge thanks to the ICBA's Deirdre Giblin for helping to bring it to life in this article. Please do read the full story HERE.


Listen back to two highly insightful speeches delivered at the 5th ICBA Business Summit in Iveagh House in late 2018. Together they paint a detailed picture of the potential political and economic ramifications of the UK's departure from the EU and are a must-listen for anyone doing business in Europe.

Simon Coveney

An Tanaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney - LISTEN

Simon Rossiter

James Rossiter - Senior Global Strategist, TD Securities - LISTEN


ICBA Events

Dates for your Diary


March 28th - Ireland Canada Trade Briefing (11am) River Lee Hotel, Western Road, Cork. The Ireland Canada Business Association and the Cork Chamber will host this seminar designed for those already doing business in Canada, considering an expansion into this market, or exploring business or investment opportunities in Canada. For further information please email events@irelandcanada.com


8th March - Toronto. The Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton, Ambassador Jim Kelly, and Deirdre Moran from the IDA, along with a  panel of business people and experts, will discuss how companies across diverse industries can benefit from investing in Ireland and its "springboard" effect into Europe.  Registration through THIS LINK.






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