An interview with Ireland’s new Ambassador to Canada, Eamonn McKee

17 September 2020

Eamonn McKee has become Ireland’s new Ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and The Bahamas. He previously held ambassadorial positions in Seoul and Israel and has spent the last 5 years as Director General of the Trade division at the Dept of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador McKee is also an avid reader of history and indeed loves writing about the subject too, which gives him a very interesting perspective on some of the biggest challenges that the world is facing right now.

In this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection, Ambassador Eamonn McKee joins Patrick Haughey of AudioBrand to talk about:

·       His priorities for his new role of Ambassador to Canada 

·       The importance of national brands and how to grow them 

·       Why Ireland thrives in a free-trade global environment

·       How business is all about relationships and personal connections, and why this makes organisations like the Ireland Canada Business Association so important 

·       The new wave of Irish emigrants making Canada their home

·       How an understanding of the past can help us make better decision in the present 

Ambassador Eamonn McKee