RxSource: choosing Ireland over the UK, the advantages of regulation, and hiring remotely

4 July 2020

RxSource had planned to set up its EU base in the UK, but Brexit led the company to choose Ireland instead. RxSource, a global pharmaceutical wholesale distributor from Canada, set up operations in Ireland in 2016 and has been growing steadily since. Our guest on this episode of The Ireland Canada Connection is Sue Kelly, the company’s Director of Operations. Sue speaks about:

+Why Brexit led RxSource to choose Ireland over the UK

+What it has been like operating in Ireland and lessons learned

+Why strong regulation of the Pharma sector is so important 

+The impact of COVID-19 on the company and how it has adjusted 

+The experience of growing the team remotely 

The Ireland Canada Connection is brought to you by the Ireland Canada Business Association and is hosted by Patrick Haughey of audiobrand.ie.