Seamus O’Regan, Canadian Minister of Labour, on strengthening the Ireland Canada relationship

26 April 2023

Powerful words from Seamus O’Regan, Canadian Minister of Labour, about how we can make the relationship between Ireland and Canada even more successful.

The Minister was speaking on the ICBA’s Ireland Canada Connection podcast following an event held in his honour at the Canadian embassy in Dublin – full episode here

Minister O’Regan also spoke about:

  • His Irish heritage and time studying in University College Dublin learning about Ireland’s Celtic Tiger
  • The housing crisis in Canada and Ireland and his faith in our ability to solve them
  • Being in Belfast for the Good Friday Agreement commemorations and sharing the room with John de Chastelain, Tony Blair, Teresa May, Bill Clinton, Liz Truss and many others.
  • The pride he felt when Ireland passed marriage equality legislation
  • Why CETA should be fully ratified