The Ireland Canada Economic Opportunity

25 September 2023

The Ireland Canada relationship is thriving politically, economically, and culturally. Ireland remains a stable economy and continues to attract Canadian companies who are looking for a likeminded open business environment with a global outlook. In turn Canada has become an important export market for Irish SME’s who wish to access the North American marketplace. The economic value
of trade between both countries is a focus point for policy makers and business leaders while the societal value of the relationship is one that is much valued. This is evident in the recent naming of March as Irish heritage month across Canada in an acknowledgement of the contribution that Irish Canadians have made.

This report was commissioned by the Ireland Canada Business Association. It documents the growth in trade, the opportunities and challenges that exist in the Ireland Canada trading relationship. The author of this report, Economist Jim Power gives an economic analysis and an insightful commentary on the strength of the Ireland Canada relationship and how it can continue to flourish.