Podcast – Trade Briefing – 28 September 2018

IMAX, Teknicor and William Fry on Brexit, GDPR and doing business in Ireland - 28 September 2018

ICBA Business Briefing 2018

What are the main reasons that Canadian companies decide to establish their European base in Ireland? What are the advantages and key challenges? And what advantages does Brexit present for Ireland?

All of these questions and more were discussed by an expert panel at the Ireland Canada Business Association’s Business Briefing, hosted by William Fry in Dublin, Ireland. We have packed the best of this panel discussion and you can hear it all by playing the sound clip above.

The panel, moderated by Patrick Haughey of Haughey Media, comprised:

  • Alan Fullerton – CEO of Teknicor
  • Kevin Glass – Vice President and General Council at IMAX International
  • John Magee – Partner in the Technical Group at William Fry

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • Why Canadian companies are increasingly choosing Ireland as the place to set up their European base
  • Ireland as a place to do business – pros and cons
  • The challenges and the opportunities posed by Brexit
  • Why recent GDPR legislation means every company should consider using Ireland as their Data HQ
  • How to attract talent when you’re competing with the tech giants
  • Why Ireland may be overestimating the impact of the housing and accommodation shortage