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Interview with Hon. Frank Mc Kenna

Irish Independent - 7 February 2021 - Irish-Canadian business veteran sees better days ahead under Biden READ ARTICLE

Ireland Canada Fact Sheet

Facts about Ireland & Canada’s growing economic relationship

“Shared ancestry, values and work practices, together with a number of twinnings and bilateral agreements in areas such as research and development, make Ireland and Canada natural partners.” Prime Minister Trudeau, Dublin Castle, July 2017

Ireland and Canada share strong cultural links. Today 14% of the Canadian population claim some Irish ancestry, making the Irish the fourth largest ethnic group in Canada. Cultural links have recently been matched with a strong bilateral trading relationship with Canada becoming one of the most significant FDI influences in Ireland. The data below reveals the extent of the rapid growth of the Canadian presence in Ireland.


ICBA Pre-Budget Submission 2018

Canadian multinationals are rapidly growing in size and significance in Ireland and are set to become one of the next major economic influences in this country. The number of jobs provided by Canadian companies in Ireland has grown by almost 40% since 2014, and with the future opportunities presented by Brexit and the recently enacted Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and Europe (CETA), this rate of this growth can increase exponentially with the right operating environment.


ICBA Pre-Budget Press Release 2018

Low-interest loans for rental development, wider driving licence recognition, and ratification of trade agreement are key to Ireland’s economic expansion

  • Low-interest loans for rental property development, recognising driving licenses of more nationalities, and formally ratifying CETA (Comprehensive Economic Free Trade Agreement) will boost Irish economy.
  • Brexit, increased connectivity, and the opening of an IDA office in Toronto present major opportunities to grow Canadian business presence in Ireland
  • Government must act now to capitalise on these opportunities and avoid losing business to other EU countries.

Minister Heather Humphreys speaks at ICBA Trade Briefing - 28 September 2018

The Ireland-Canada relationship is one that I know the ICBA works hard at fostering and supporting through your membership and events such as today’s.

ICBA also collaborates with a wide range of key stakeholders, such as the Chamber network in Canada, and indeed with the agencies under the remit of my Department, such as Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland.

As Minister, my department and agencies are supportive of the activities of the Association and applaud your ongoing efforts to build partnerships between the vibrant business communities in Ireland and Canada.


Ireland Canada & the IMF

A decade ago, at the height of the global crash, Ireland faced its biggest crisis since the foundation of the State. As the world’s financial systems went into meltdown, it seemed we were alone and friendless in the midst of a worldwide panic. With the major economies scrambling to protect their own interests, the stability of our small, necessarily open economy seemed far down the list of global priorities.

But there was one country – a G7 power – that was prepared to stand with Ireland and help our Government make its case to the IMF, the World Bank, European Union and beyond.

Ireland was able to call on historic bonds and modern-day partnerships, on shared beliefs and values that would play a significant – and perhaps unexpected – role in giving us the vital time and space to ride out the shockwaves spreading from Wall Street.

Ten years on, the story of the role Canada played in backing Ireland, in standing with our Government as it made its case to the wider world, can finally be told.